The Most Realistic Experience

The complex combination of motion sensors with precision algorithms make an almost zero motion tracking delay and ultra-realistic moving and walking effect. The most immersive, engaging and realistic experience available.

Virtual Reality – Breaking the Barriers

Break Barriers. Conquer Worlds. Be the Hero in your Journey. Enabling the most interactive, realistic, and life-like computer generated experiences in a functional and moveable environment with haptic and sensory feedback. Virtual Reality at its Finest.

Comprehensive Compatibility

The design can support complete Walking, Running, Crouching, Sitting, and even Jumping with 360 degrees of rotation to make the experience most engaging and realistic. A revolutionary piece of hardware to enable incredible compatibility and empower new realities.

Who We Are

In 2018, Twisted Reality AR/VR was founded by fellow VR enthusiasts who believe in the push in this immersive and captivating industry. We believe it is essential to be a part of the VR revolution and the interactive movement to support our VR content and hardware developers to break barriers and enable the most immersive experiences in gaming and interactive VR.

Twisted Reality is all about innovation, immersion and intuitive solutions. Our excellent customer service practices, high-quality VR products, Complete After-Sales Service and Novel Solutions, we at Twisted Reality have made our mark in the VR industry sector, revolutionizing how we enter different realities through gaming. The product line-up at Twisted Reality enables us to deliver exceptional quality KAT VR products to all customers who are VR fanatics and VR enthusiasts. The line-up is inclusive of, KAT Walk Mini, KAT Walk Premium, VR Accessories, and so much more. On the other hand, all customers get complete technical and service support.

The Best VR

Machine Built

Kat VR has revolutionized the VR industry with its new cutting-edge Omni Directional Treadmill, the “Kat Walk Mini.” You can now unlock infinite spaces with full 360 motion while maintaining the ability to walk, run, crouch, sit, strafe, and even jump! Take your VR experience to the next level by adding a Kat VR “ODT” for complete immersion with your virtual world. This cutting-edge machine offers you a vehicle for movement with any locomotion compatible application. Whether for business, gaming, training simulations, or even educational explorations, the Kat Walk Mini has you covered!

The KAT VR and Twisted Reality Difference

  • Smaller and Lighter for tight spaces and mobility
  • Safe and Completely secure
  • Superior Functionality (Walk, Run, Crouch, Sit, Lean To Ground and Even Jump in 360 degrees)
  • Most Affordable
  • Universal Compatibility and No Boundaries
  • Comprehensive Solutions and Warranty

Kat Walk Mini

Kat Walk Premium

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Connect Seamlessly – Unleash the Ultimate VR Potential

Connect Anywhere Anytime. Endless Opportunities

The Only ODT that enables Complete Mobility. Experience complete freedom by unlocking infinite spaces in your virtual world.

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